Day 4Edit

So we found out Dale got voted out today. I was kind of shocked but not really because I talked to Ian and he said that Kara was one of his targets in my mind, but he didn't say she was going home. I knew if Kara didn't go home they were using her for the idol because she's supposedly inactive so why else would you keep her? Also I guess Ian has been messaging Miguel to make sure I wasn't lying to him about the 4 way alliance and trying to see if he can find some cracks within the group before we merge. It's a smart strategy but come on now, I'm smarter than that. Of course, I know you're gonna back and double check the info I gave you, which is why I always let my alliance everything know what's up. I do feel like I'm running things on my tribe but I don't wanna get cocky especially this early because too many things are change. I do know that I can see some things happening before they happened. I knew they were gonna use Kara and keep her for her idol clue and I was right. I knew Alex and Bryce were in an alliance right from the jump and I was right and I also know if we make them feel left out, they will jump ship and flip on us. I know if I take Miguel, David and Tung to the end, I have a pretty good chance of winning against them. And I also knew I couldn't trust Ian, but he'll I needed a way into the Idir tribe and I needed to know who to target and now that I do, they better watch out for my alliance.


So right now I am in a pretty good position in the tribe. I have created a solid five person alliance between myself, Bryce, Miguel, Tyler and David. I think I have control over my tribe, which is good because that makes me important to keep around, but it's also bad because they could see me as a threat and vote me off. I think I am in a safe position right now, but you can never be sure in Survivor.


I don´t want to be cocky but i´m a freaking peacock.

I´m totally the mastermind behind my "UNA" (United Nations Alliance, which envolves Tyler, Tung and David)

I´m just telling them what to do and who to send to exile. I know that Bartley is the kind of guy that would like an alliance with me because we said to each other to join at the merge while the tribes where chosen. So I was planning to sent him to exile so he will get the idol and share it with me later.

I actually don´t trust David, but i dont think he is smart enough to make a big move so he is not a threat. But he is kind of slow. Alex and Bryce have no idea that we have an alliance with Tung. They think it´s Alex Bryce, Tyler, David and me as a 5way alliance. So we were talking at our "alliance" group on facebook and they wanted tung gone in case we loose but after a while we agree to vote off Eric first. And then David said

"Yea Eric first then Tung"

WHAT THE FUCK? why put a target on his back so soon? That would mean that we would have to flip on Alex and Bryce sooner. So then I said :

"But I was thinking of Rasheid second.... he doesn´t have too much time for this for what he told me." Which of course is a lie. I´ve just spoken 3 words with him

And then they agreed to vote Rasheid second. THAT´S what you have to say David *Spits at his front*

But he is not the only one at slow motion right now...

TYLER come on! You are leaving me alone with this! I really really like that guy but he is just not at my level. I´m convincing him to do just what i want at every choice, who to send to exile who should go from our tribe, who are we going to be alligned at the other side. He is just making my game even better without even noticing. Suddenly with his help I´ve become the most powerful player so far. I´ll explain why:...

Tyler and I were talking about who could we send to exile if we win.... (After he said we should send Thang which is btw a horrible idea.)

M: O T: O

"We can talk with someone on the other tribe, ask who wants the clue so we give it to him and then he gives it to whoever we want."

Exactly! This plan is genius! You wanna ask or you want me too?

I can talk to bartley,so if he say yes we offer him to give it to him if he would give it to tung if they win. And we tell tung to give it to the alliance. If i get the idol i would become a potential threat and nobody wants that.

Yeah because you are my closest ally here.

So I talked to Bartley and ask him if he wanted to go to exile. And he said that he would love it since he didnt relate with his tribe. So I said to him that his alliance and ours could join forces in case of a tribe swap. And that we will send him to exile if he promise to send Tung if they win.

  • Quicknote* I said Tung because I dont want to get a target on my back this soon. So i´ll make a final 2 promise with Tung so I can say that i told to send him so we can share the idol.

So he agreed but he said: M: O B: O

"I don't know if we're a "power" alliance but we are the active players on Idir."

"well here at Bazid strategy begun on thay number one"

"I don't know where Marco/Topher/Jessie's heads are at. Nor Thang or Kara (wherever that bitch be). I know you want numbers for safety, but the best I can offer is myself."

"well maybe it´s time to make it closer so try to figure out which other 2 could come along. But of course, it´s you, tyler and me tighter... and little tung haha"

"Gotta love those sweet little Vietnamese boys"

"Tung is our scapegoat, thats why we want you to send him to exile so he can share the idol info with us."

That´s the part I loved about my strategy, none of them have any idea I´ve told them we are together (as 2).They think I´m using the other two and really bonding with him. So the three of them, inside of this mini mini alliance are more related to ME.

Now I have him from the other side 100% with me, Tyler 100% with me and Tung, since im techincally giving him the idol it´s 100% with me. While that Alex and Bryce think that i´m with them as well. So now Bartley is going to Exile if we win and Tung is going if we loose, anyway I´ll win. I just can make any move I like. And I will.

  • Funny note*

UNA (the acronim for Tyler, David Tung and I alliance)means one in spanish. This is what Tyler said when I told him so:

Damn you teaching me Spanish and shit lol-


So I told the rest of my alliance about the mega alliance I formed, the Idir 5 and the Bazid 4 joining up when we have a swap or merge. Everyone appears fine with it, though Bartley is suspicious of their motives. And i gotta say, he is right. It is odd the FOUR of them would join the FIVE of us. BECAUSE FIVE OUT OF NINE IS WIN! Yet again, four is better than six. Darn those Cullpeppers! But yeah, I bet Tyler told the Bazid's I will flip to their side. Like yeah totally lol


In an unanimous vote, Dale was voted off Idir 8-0. The vote seemed like a no brainer, but there was a surprise when the hosts read votes and Kara actually voted. Yeah, we're pretty sure she's a sock puppet.

In the reward challenge, each member of Idir was paired against a member of Bazid. Marco, Jessie, and I all took home wins for Idir. Topher, Thang, and Ian all fell short in their pairings. Kara was MIA.

Some shady business went down during the challenge and several deals were made between Bazid and Idir. I was approached by Miguel and asked if I would like to go to Exile Mountain if Bazid were to win immunity. I said I was having a hard time relating to my tribe and I would. I acknowledge that this sort of puts a target on my back, but any opportunity to get a hidden immunity idol is worth it in my opinion. The terms were that if Idir won, we would have to send Tung to Exile Mountain. I asked Miguel why he didn't want to go to Exile Mountain, he said he didn't want the attention.

Meanwhile, Ian runs to Idir and tells them we should send Tung to Exile Mountain should we win the Reward Challenge. That's funny, I didn't tell anyone on my tribe about Miguel's offer yet. I call bullshit on Miguel and find out that Ian and Tyler are both in on the deal. There's an alliance of 4 on Bazid (Tyler/Miguel/David/Tung) and they want to work with our alliance of 5 on Idir (Ian/Marco/Topher/Jessie/Myself) if we were to mix up tribes.

All of this information points out some extremely valid and concerning points that I will continue to monitor.

1. Ian obviously suggested I get sent to Exile Mountain, perhaps implying that he wants the target on me. 2. Ian is once again speaking for Idir without talking to us. 3. Ian has allies on Bazid. 4. Being in an alliance of 4 and wanting to align with an alliance of 5 is simply moronic. There's got to be more than we think.

Ultimately, Bazid won the Reward Challenge and was given the opportunity to send one member of Idir to Exile Mountain. As expected, I was selected to attend.

The Hidden Immunity Idol can be found by putting the 6 hosts in a specific order. It could be related to age, placement, etc... OR it could be completely random. I'm told that a host who won is one of the first two names in the list. LP is the only host who has won. I decide to guess the hosts in order of placement. No such dice. I also determine that age could not work and that votes against and days played would result in ties. If I attend Exile Mountain again, I would be inclined to go in order of challenges won (least to most)...but I'll also get a new clue.


Day 5Edit

It sucked that we lost the challenge today, but I'm in a comfortable position for tonight's Tribal Council as Alex, Miguel, Tyler, David and myself are in a majority alliance of 5. We plan on voting out Eric since he is a shady player.


I'm going to be 100% honest. I saw that the challenge was a tribe flag and I butted out of being involved ASAP. I'm a great graphic designer and painter, but I'm in the process of moving and if someone else wanted to design the flag and take the risk of us failing - I'm all for it.

Topher ends up making a GREAT flag for Idir, although there's a bit of a disagreement whether or not to use his work or Ian's. Ian's sucks and we theorize that he could be trying to throw the challenge.


Day 6Edit

So we won the Reward challenge 2 days ago and decided to send Bartley. Miguel has been talking to him and learned that Bartley isn't really getting along with his tribe all that well. I talked to him before we sent him to Exile and it seemed like everyone was irritating him so I think Miguel is 100% with this one. We decided to sent him because we believe that Ian and Bartley are running the show and if we can get seeds of doubt into Ian's mind, a power struggle will occur within their tribe and we can come in and rip them apart. Now the problem is that we lost the Immunity Challenge yesterday and we have to vote someone out. Personally, i think Eric has overstayed his welcome. He barely speaks at all and acts like we don't exist. Why sign up for a social game if you're not gonna be social? Because of that, he made himself a target since day 1 and I'm will most def be voting for him.


Well, it seems as if our winning streak is officially over. We now have to go to tribal council and vote someone off. It shouldn't be a hard vote though, Eric has shown himself to be sly and right now we really don't want to deal with that, so Eric, it seems as if it is your time to go.


Let's relax. Okay? Or not...Ian is getting on my lasting nerves and I can tell it's starting to wear on other members of the tribe. It's time to start building a counter alliance. I'm willing to play Ian's game right now, but once we buff Kara out of the picture -- he might want to question our alliance of 5.

Episode 2 Final Thoughts:

Topher, Jessie, and Thang are IN. Marco is growing on me. She's MODERATELY DECENT. Ian makes me prematurely age. He's COLD OATMEAL. Kara is...


Voting ConfessionalsEdit

You are a shady player, in result you are the first victim of the majority alliance. I'm sorry.


From the beginning of this game, you have been hella anti-social and to be honest, that was your downfall. You also dipped on us in the reward challenge and seemed a tad bit too excited to go to Exile and for that, I'm voting ERIC out of the game.


I'm voting for Eric. On Day 3, when you quickly volunteered to go

to Exile made me think that you wanted the Idol so badly. For this I've gotta send you packing. Holla!


You are to untrustworthy to stay in the game. Sorry.


My vote is for Eric. He is just the weak link from our tribe, we need to keep it strong.


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