Day 19Edit

So we lost the challenge and had to go to Tribal. We thought Bartley was gonna vote with us but he decided that he was gonna vote with Marco and Thang, resulting in a tie. Of course, me & Miguel went to work trying to convince them but neither Thang nor Bartley wanted to change their votes so after a long discussion, me & Miguel decided to vote out Tung. IDK how Miguel felt about it exactly, but I felt like such a douche bag. I didn't want Tung to go home that early at all. Tbh I think Bartley's impulsiveness is messing up me and Miguel's games, while Jessie is on Idir messing with everyone's minds. Once again, we have to do damage control like after Alex. I just hope when we can recover from this and come out on top again.


Tyler is feeling really bad about about having to vote off Tung. Like I get it cause you make emotional relationships with these people, but at the end of the day, we're all like white girls trying to get the last Starbucks coffee, we have to be ruthless and unforgiving.


So I just had a talk with David and we talked about my performance lately in the game. I'm making emotional connections with people and I'm losing that ruthless edge I had. IDK what happened to Hurricane Tyler. He came out earlier when Alex and Eric got voted out and when I strategize with people, but I was letting personal relationships cloud my judgement. OH WELL THATS THE PAST TIME TO TURN UP AGAIN LOL Hurricane Tyler is back in the building! 😁👍😁👍😁👍😁


We merged last night and after a long ass process we're officially Pelana the purple team. Whoo, right? WRONG because these bitches talking shit already. Jessie asked Miguel about the tie with Tung last TC. Mind you this don't shit to do with me, right? Jessie ass gonna tell Miguel "oh Tyler told me that he said you were scared to go to rocks." So Miguel messaged me and told me that and I'm like wtf I haven't talked to Jessie's bipolar ass since day 1 literally and I SHOWED THE SCREENSHOTS! Jessie was lying his off and someone had to tell him that in the first place. I already know it was Bartley because he been on some Kass type shit lately because Miguel only told me and him that. Smh I hate snitches yo. I love Bartley like a brother but he's doing the most in this game right now for no reason.


I made the merge! :D


So I just heard that Jessie wants me out. I trusted him and he does this to me? Ok bitch, you'll see who actually goes home once we vote your ass off... Have fun at jury :)


Everyone thinks Tyler and Miguel are the 'power couple' but it actually is Tyler and I. Aint nobody gonna see that coming! #EbonyAndIvory


Making into the merge is so amazing but also very stressful. People will try to pull you to their side with a lot of reasons, especially for someone is laying low and floating like me. It's really hard to realize all the truths and all the lies. I can easily go to the desperate Bazids leading by Tyler or I can stick with my original Idirs. Now my closet ally, who I trust 100% is Bartley. I don't think I'm on the chopping block at the first tribal council so the only way that get me out is it ends up 5-5 tie and we all have to draw rock. That makes first individual immunity challenge become very important.


I'm so happy that we are merged, and that I have made it this far. Jessie is being a big schemer right now as he is telling everyone "we are going to be the final 3." I'm trying to convince everyone to vote his scheming butt out of here. As far as I'm concerned, Bazid will be the final 5 (hopefully).


Day 20Edit

Bring it on Tyler. You're going DOWN!


Day 21Edit

Voting ConfessionalsEdit

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