Day 13Edit

Dang I wasn't expecting Ian to go straight away. To be honest here is my moves right now. I started with Bartley and Ian got him and me to join a alliance together. Then we Topher and Marco to join. Then some time after dale was eliminated we talked to Thang and he joined us. Well before we talked to thing we had a thing called the Mega alliance with 9 people: Me, Ian, Bartley, Marco, Topher, Tyler, Migual, Tung, and David. So we was to work together. Me and Bartley talked about how Ian has had to many red flags. Like he talks to Tyler, not doing well in challenges, and many more. So I'll just say right now I would have voted Ian if Bartley, Topher, or Thang told me. I was asleep at the time and turns out it was a last minute thing. So now are problem is Kara. Tho nwo I'm worried cause those 3 planned it so well that I might be out sooner then I thought. The moment I hear mine name get ready for war. >:)


OMG! They voted off Ian? I thought he was a much stronger and important player than I thought... That HII is sooo powerful!


I don't think anyone knows of the secret Final Two alliance I have with Tyler. And it should be kept that way!


I honestly would give Player of the Season to Kara right here, right now... She has played such a great game surviving two tribal councils, even to the point where she's had to self-vote! And she still hasnt gone home! What a great player! *cue eye roll*


I don't think I've explained my strategy or my gameplay yet... So basically, I plan to play a sort of passive-aggressive game, where all the moves I make are going to be huge moves, but I'm gonna try and not put myself out there as a strategic or a physical person. I will try and play an aggressive game, however, I will try and work on my social game and my physical game.


I imagine Idir to be this kumbayah tribe where everything is happy and bliss... Ughh, I don't even like how happy they are... *cue eye roll*


This tribe switch could either benefit me or screw me.


I think at this point, Kara is more of an asset rather than a burden... I mean y'all will see...


I'm estatic about this tribe switch. It basically guarantees me a spot in the merge, as I would be going home if we remained on our original tribes. It is just awesome. Our first target would be Kara, as if we vote for her and she self-votes she would be voted out/disqualified. Then we would have the majority for Idir. It's just amazing, thank you hosts!



So we won both the reward and Immunity challenges and sent Bartley to Exile for the 3rd time. So we assumed that they were going to vote Kara out and then we saw the results and Ian got blindsided out of the game when Bartley saved Kara. Instantly when I saw Ian was gone instead of Kara, I knew that was a set up. So, of course, I had to be nosey! Lol I asked Bartley about it and he told me how Ian was sort of a dictator and he was just kind of an asshole basically. It sucked that Ian when home but he was cool and a good competitor but I knew I couldn't trust him and I think it was a major error for Idir's game. Do I think it was a good move? Hell yeah it was awesome! But it was done way too soon especially when Kara still in the game. To keep it 100, Kara is probably gonna self vote again and get herself out of the game and the Bazid Six is gonna steamroll the shit out of the remaining Idir Four. Good for us, but bad for them 👍👍👍


I just HATE stupid people. That´s why Jessie has to go. PERIOD. Wake me up when I´m at final 3 and he is just another bitter jury who quitted on day 13. Good night Mods (:


Day 14Edit

The teams were officially switched on Day 13, and Bartley, Marco and Thang are now on Bazid with me, Miguel and Tung. It's weird because I'm used to competing against them but now they are my teammates. It is nice to have new people to talk and strategize with though. We've already got the plans down on both Bazid and Idir to separate the original Idir from each other. Thang talked to Tung and he said that he'd be willing to flip and our first target on Bazid is Marco. I see her being a threat in the future so she has to go ASAP. Also Topher must think that David is a free agent because he's just spilling his guys about how Ian used to trip on Idir and how Ian told them that me and Miguel were running things on Bazid. I think Topher is a free agent as well, but we see him as a threat as well, so if Idir loses again after Kara, I'll convince them to get Topher out. Hopefully our plans will work and Bazid will be the final six and we Pagong the Idir outta here. The only weak point in this plan really is Bryce's loyalty and Rasheid's paranoia.




Now with this tribe switch, Jessie has been trying to convince me to side with them come merge time. I don't want to become the next Cochran. No thanks, Jessie, I don't want to have no chance in hell in winning *eyeroll*.


Day 15Edit

Voting ConfessionalsEdit

Tribal Council cancelled.

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